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If you are interested in getting tattooed by Larry, please fill out this form below. Appointments are available Monday-Friday; there's a section where you can indicate what days work best for you. 

Larry tattoos out of a private studio located in North East, MD 21901.

 Deposits are $300 for all new full day appointments.

Please be aware that Larry requires full artistic freedom when it comes to designing the tattoo.

Please make sure all fields are filled out correctly, by filling out this form; you are NOT making an appointment, you are submitting your idea and information to the artist. Incomplete forms will be skipped over. Please send everything requested in the photo reference section including a picture of your OWN area of the body you would like the tattoo to be.

Have you been tattooed by Larry before
Preferred days of Appointment

Larry will review the submission and determine if this project is the right fit for him. Once confirmed, we will contact you and require a DEPOSIT to book an appointment. DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE and FINAL and go towards the final price of the finished project during your last session.

If Larry thinks another artist is better suited for this tattoo he will recommend someone who is better suited for the style or design of your tattoo.

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